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Work Will Set You Free

Work Will Set You Free


1. Half of This Creature is Amputated

2. Bite Your Tongue

3. Praise Be to Liars

4. Cut You in Half

5. By This Pitiful Light We Will Survey This Ruined World

6. Tape Worms Are Screaming Through My Heart

7. Each Man a Cross on His Forehead

8. Marks of Weakness Marks of Woe

9. Billie the Junkie

10. Zombie Horse

11. The Cowboy Dies in This One

12. Pricks Like Me (We Rule the World)

13. Liar and Phenom

14. From the Outposts You Will Hear Her Roar

15. (Within Death) I Am the Undertow

16. Close to a Dying Sun


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1. Into Twitcher

2. Networking

3. Waves

4. Mexican Death Pop

5. One Vote

6. Out of Twitcher


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Consume Rapture

Consume Rapture


1. Rapture Pt 1 (Incite)

2. Teeth Swallower

3. Nakusa

4. Taped

5. In The Mouth of Elephants

6. Consume

7. Rapture Pt 2 (Respond)

8. Become Monster

9. Nights (Prelude To Empty)


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Immute: Jackals

Immute: Jackals

Disc 1


1. Hypochondriac

2. And No One Will Return My Calls

3. While You Wait

4. We Are The Virus

5. Immute

6. Osiris

7. Jackals Feeding Children Feeding Buildings

8. Frustrations of an Outsider

9. Disquiet

10. Immure

11. Kill Boss Kill

12. Where Orchidectomy and Mastitis Street Meet Is Why I Will Die

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Disc 2


1. Mouth Eater

2. Shadow Mekanik Sun

3. In Anticipation of Doom

4. Immune (And The Phone Rings Off The Feeding Hook)

5. Gone


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